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Enjoy dozens of high quality videos and photo galleries of the hottest nubile models on the internet as they
suit up in tight spandex bodysuits to administer and receive intense forms of BDSM punishment.
You’ll have cat suits, hogtied women, ball torture, chains and whips inside in a variety of artful and
hardcore bondage content. Every week new videos and photos are added to
our massive collection to keep the hungriest appetites satisfied.

Bound, Gagged, Caged and Whipped
You never disobey mistress, and this redheaded teen slut is going to learn that the hard way. She
is put on her knees in a black spandex bodysuit
and has her ankles cuffed and chained together
and her hands bound behind her back.
Her master, a sexy and sensual woman
in a leopard spandex catsuit that covers her from
head to toe, wraps a gag around her mouth, fitting the hard rubber ball into the slave’s wet mouth.
After dealing out her punishment her catwoman master leads her into her cage, cuffed,
bound and gagged.
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Cock And Ball Torture
Like a fool he talks back to his two latex clad mistresses
in proper manners. They lead him from his cage
by a leash as he crawls to his bed of punishment
in a red latex suit. His hands and feet are bound
and chained to the wall and his stiff cock held in place for a stinging punishment. While one mistress’s gloved hand holds his stiff cock out of
the way the other lets loose a lashing on his
swollen balls in an intense scene of ball torture.
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ball torture
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Female Slave is Stripped and Punished
These two dark haired goddesses are each clad
in skintight latex suits, the mistress in gold and
the salve in red. Unfortunately for the slave girl,
the mistress was left unsatisfied and so must dole out a second series of punishment. The slave is stripped from her latex bodysuit, her perky teen breasts left naked so the mistress may grope and pinch them with her gloved hands. Next she toyed with, the mistress using her switch to prod and
bend her slave’s tight teen body into whichever position she desires.
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bound for smoking
Hogtied and Punished
When this rebellious slave girl was found smoking
in the mistress’s lair all hell broke loose. She
taken by her long red hair and thrown against
the wall, wear her mistress quickly binds her
hands to her neck with a cold steel chain.
Next she is lead to her play of punishment where
she is put on display, hogtied and bound with
her arms chained above her to serve as
a warning to the other slave girls.
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handcuff bondage
Red Spandex and Silver Cuffs
This beautiful model looks charming and simple
with her pretty features, long blonde hair and
soft brown eyes, but her desires take her deep
into the world of taboo. Her master helps her into
a skintight red spandex body suit and places
a thick leather collar around her slim neck.
She is then wrapped in chains and handcuffed,
her bound hands linked to her bound feet in a delicious example of hogtying.
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Full Body Latex + Rope Bondage
Covered from head to toe in silver latex without
so much as a hole to breath through, this slim and naughty model is lead into the courtyard and
placed before the stone wall. There her body is expertly tied in thick red rope, squeezing her
shapely body, wrapping between her firm thighs
and squeezing together her firm, round ass
cheeks. Once outside she is given a full whipping before being led back indoor on a leash.
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