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This is only a small sample of the volumes of hardcore bondage and BDSM footage inside.
Bound My Bitch is home to sexiest girls in spandex, PVC and leopard cat suits and bodysuits that are bound, gagged and punished. When they’re not on the receiving end they’re doling it out in the most intense ball torture and dominatrix video and photo content available anywhere in the net.

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Blue Spandex Body Suit
Our favorite redheaded slave is lead into the playground, an empty, cold and sterile room.
There she is left gagged and bound, her white
leather boots cuffed together and chained to
her hands. The mistress watches her helpless
slave squirm until she resigns, defeated, and lays
dominated and submissive on the cold wood floor.
shiny gold catuit
bound feed
feed bondage
sexy bondage
Chained In A Black Jumpsuit
Beautiful with dark features, this black haired mistress is put on display in her tight latex body
suit and tall high heels. After being paraded
around on a leash latched to her tight collar she
is placed back in an elegant chair with her hands and feet bound to the same set of metal latches. After some teasing she is freed and placed face down on the carpeted floor and has her feet and hands hogtied expertly.
bound on chair
bound head
girl in handcuffs
female bondage
spandex slave
Sharing a Spandex Slave
In a tight fitting golden spandex suit this
submissive slave is shared by her mistress.
In nothing but a tight halter and opaque black stockings, she leads out her slave to the living
area by a red rope fastened around her clasped wrists. She sits her on the couch and allows her friend to take the rope and bind her pretty slave
with careful expertise, snuggly wrapping her
chest and plump breasts and running
it around to hog-tie this pretty little slave.
rope bondage
girl in ropes
rope domina
skin tight spandex
metal shackles
Leopard Spandex Bondage
This petite and classy babe is used to being the
one doing all the tying and whipping but this
scene she’s the one being dominated.
Her skin tight and slightly opaque spandex suit
grips her slim limbs and perky breasts,
and knee high velvet boots are laced tightly
around her feet. A steel clamp is latched on to
each of her ankles, her wrists and her neck,
then linked with a length of steel chain and
locked tightly in place with a padlock.
tight clothes
gagged milf
Plump Slut is Bound and Gagged

This plump and naughty slave girl is dragged
out of the closet and placed on the floor.
Her nipples are pinched with gator clips and
linked with a short chain, a red ball is strapped
firmly into her mouth as a gag and her arms are neatly tied behind her back. She is bent over
on the floor as more rope is lassoed around her voluptuous pale body, tightly knotted between her plump thighs and along her tight pussy and looped around her neck in a hot bondage scene.

milf bondage
big butt
gagged and bound
rope bondage